Care and Maintenance

General wood information:

Unfinished wood will change color as it ages (natural weathering). The rate will depend on temperature, exposure to moisture and use. Wood with protective finish may also wear naturally as it ages and with use. Wood left outside vs. in a controlled indoor environment are most at risk of aging and damage. You can protect your wood products by minimizing their exposure to extreme heat, cold, direct light, bugs, and water.

Planters & Raised beds information:

Types of Cedar:

  • Cedar – classic go-to for outdoor products, more resistant to weathering than other native woods, like fir.
  • Premium Cedar – all the same properties as regular cedar, but without knots. As wood is weathered, knots may pop out leaving holes in wood boards.

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Cornhole boards & bags information:

Care Instructions:

  • When transporting or storing your boards, place them face to face with a sheet or blanket between them.
  • Do not leave your boards outside.
  • Moisture should be removed ASAP. The protective coating is water-resistant, but not water-proof.
  • The protective finish is dry, but will not cure for approx. 30 days.* Do not leave boards face to face without a sheet or blanket between, as they may stick together and damage the face.
  • Boards should be stored in cool, dry place. These boards are best stored in a temperature-controlled place (i.e. inside your home).
  • Do not stand or let others stand on boards.
  • Keep bags dry. If they get wet, let air dry (do not put in dryer). They are filled with recycled plastic beads.
  • If boards or bags get dirty, spot clean with a soft cloth and water, only. Then dry completely.

*If you want to increase the speed of your boards, you can rub a piece of  wax paper on the board until they slide at your desired speed.

If you have more specific questions about the care and maintenance of products you have purchased from Powder Hound Woodworks, please contact us.